Monday, June 25, 2012

Iron Man June 24, 2012

What a day in the wonderful world of Iron Man!!!!  First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS to our very own TO, who gutted out a second place finish at Iron Man Coeur D'Alene, one of the toughest courses on the circuit - Kona, here comes TO!

Let us acknowledge the true definition of sportsmanship exhibited by Chris Lieto - you are a gentleman and true Ambassador of our grand sport.

Congratulations to Magali Tisseyre (Mags) on her win at the inaugural Iron Man 70.3 Mount-Tremblant.  As it happens, it's her hometown.

Congratulations to Michael Lovato on his win at Iron Man 70.3 Buffalo - love your work my friend.  Looking forward to catching up when you are here for the inaugural Iron Man NYC in August.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Independent TPR Review

by CHRIS SERBIAK on JUNE 21, 2012 -

I was generously sent a jar of TriPainRelief by Mr.  Hector Gomez. He is a triathlete himself who understands how important it is to aid recovery after high-intensity training. Before competing in triathlons he was aboard ships in the Navy where he suffered numerous injuries. His journey took him to find a natural cure for pain-relief, and he now has the perfect solution with his analgesic cream.

Once I received the jar I could instantly tell that this is a high-quality product. The cream is light, cool, and soothing once applied to the skin. A truly natural cream. Its versatility allows me to apply it to any region including the: neck, shoulders, and hamstrings. Anywhere there is pain.  It’s also great that I can apply it both pre and post workout.

Iron Man New York City 2012 Volunteer Opportunity

There aren't many opportunities to be part of a "first" in NYC.  For those who are looking to be part of a one-of-a-kind experience, look no further.  We will be manning the first point of entry into NYC for the athletes in the very first IM NYC!  Come be part of welcoming the athletes into NYC with cheers and the love only New Yorkers can provide.

In addition,  our participation will ensure Iron Man will provide a grant to Team, Red, White and Blue, who ensures our returning War Veterans make a smooth transition back into civilian life - "It's Our Turn", supporting our troops is about action and her's your opportunity to make it happen.

To sign up:
2.       Find your group name (Team Red, White and Blue) from the drop down list, be sure to take note of the shift you are registering for.
3.       Enter the group password (tripainrelief) for the shift you have selected.
4.       Fill out all of the required information and click submit!

If nothing else, please take the time to visit the site for TRWB:

Hope to see you out with us!

Hector Gomez

Monday, June 11, 2012

Iron Man Weekend June 9 - 10, 2012

What a weekend in the world of triathlon - WOW!  Weather challenged the athletes and the course was modified to 1.2 mi. swim, 12 mi. bike and 13.1 mi. run.

Boise IM 70.3 results in a 1st place dead heat between Matty Reed and Callum Millward.  Thanks for the exciting finish guys - nice work.

Congrats to our very own Tim O'Donnell who came in 3rd, despite a crash on bike.  Commitment, effort and can-do attitude always brings rewards - Congrats TO!

Eagleman Duathlon saw our very own Chris Coffin win his age group and come in 8th overall - CONGRATS!  On 70.3 side, Crowie took another crown - beast!

Also, congrats to Linsey Corbin, who is having a great year on her top 5 finish.

Escape from Alcatraz saw Leanda Cave win there again and Andy Potts do what he does best(5X winner) - Congrats guys - love your work.