Monday, June 11, 2012

Iron Man Weekend June 9 - 10, 2012

What a weekend in the world of triathlon - WOW!  Weather challenged the athletes and the course was modified to 1.2 mi. swim, 12 mi. bike and 13.1 mi. run.

Boise IM 70.3 results in a 1st place dead heat between Matty Reed and Callum Millward.  Thanks for the exciting finish guys - nice work.

Congrats to our very own Tim O'Donnell who came in 3rd, despite a crash on bike.  Commitment, effort and can-do attitude always brings rewards - Congrats TO!

Eagleman Duathlon saw our very own Chris Coffin win his age group and come in 8th overall - CONGRATS!  On 70.3 side, Crowie took another crown - beast!

Also, congrats to Linsey Corbin, who is having a great year on her top 5 finish.

Escape from Alcatraz saw Leanda Cave win there again and Andy Potts do what he does best(5X winner) - Congrats guys - love your work.

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