Sunday, June 24, 2012

Independent TPR Review

by CHRIS SERBIAK on JUNE 21, 2012 -

I was generously sent a jar of TriPainRelief by Mr.  Hector Gomez. He is a triathlete himself who understands how important it is to aid recovery after high-intensity training. Before competing in triathlons he was aboard ships in the Navy where he suffered numerous injuries. His journey took him to find a natural cure for pain-relief, and he now has the perfect solution with his analgesic cream.

Once I received the jar I could instantly tell that this is a high-quality product. The cream is light, cool, and soothing once applied to the skin. A truly natural cream. Its versatility allows me to apply it to any region including the: neck, shoulders, and hamstrings. Anywhere there is pain.  It’s also great that I can apply it both pre and post workout.

The cream gives athletes the invaluable peace of mind. When I go out for a hard training run I know I can rely on the cream to aid my recovery. I have used IcyHot balm in the past, but I have given up on it years ago. It’s a quick fix unlike TriPainRelief.

Another great benefit of TriPainRelief is that you can use it as a general pain reliever. My grandmother has severe knee pain and I let her try the cream. She said that her knee feels better and it helps with her mobility. She has been using it every day so far.

The only negative about TriPainRelief is that it gives off a minty smell. However, the smell is not as poignant as Icyhot and does not last for very long. If you use it outside then it is barely noticeable.

TriPainRelief is a great product and I highly recommend it. Hector makes it the U.S. and it’s always great to support a veteran-owned business. You can find all of the information about the cream on his website


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