Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Friends, please consider taking 6 minutes to watch this video that captures the mission, vision, strategy and impact of Team Red, White & Blue. It's incredible to see how far our organization has come in the past 12 months. We have mobilized thousands of Americans---hundreds of them as leaders----to get involved in supporting veteran reintegration. 7 days a week. With pure commitment to our mission of connecting America's veterans to caring people in their communities through physical & social activity. But we're just getting started and we need more people to grab an oar and row with us. Please share this video and our fire....and if you haven't officially signed up yet, it takes just 30 seconds: www.TeamRWB.org/get-involved/join-the-team

"Team RWB is facilitating consistent opportunities for veterans to come out and be with other veterans---and members of their community who haven't served in the military---and create a bond with each other. We know that every community is different, and the population in every community is different....and because it's done locally, we can tailor our programs to the needs of the veterans in each community. "

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